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Every Effort Counts

At Rudy’s, we truly believe that every effort to save the environment counts. Over the years, we have been learning the best ways to transform our services to be more environmentally responsible. Today, our programs utilize the Integrated Pest Management approach. The IPM approach focuses on baiting in appropriate areas, thorough inspection, monitoring and exclusion. Only in the event of a series interior situation will we treat with a low-impact formulation utilizing baits and gels engineered for specific pest elimination, rather than outdated, harsh chemicals.

What Makes Our Services Green?

The prevention methods we use at Rudy’s is environmentally conscious alternative to traditional methods. Rather than introducing pesticides to the interior of your space, we focus on the exterior of the property. Pest makes their way into your home from the outside. We will stop them before they get in. We do this by using low dose baits and gels, not the smelly sprays of the past.

Safe & Effective Green Solutions

Our green services focus on protecting both you and your environment. Each and every one of our methods is pet friendly and will help eliminate the health risks posed by pests.

We believe that every effort counts. We have been in the pest elimination business since 1991. Since our opening we have educated ourselves on the safest and most effective solutions. Your safety is our priority. If you are looking to get rid of pests in a safe and manageable way, give us a call. We will work with you to develop a plan to best suit your needs.