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Bats and birds in your home can be more than just another nuisance. Where there’s one, there’s usually a pack. It is very important that to act quickly if you suspect that you have a bat or bird infestation. They can cause damage to your home and to your family’s health. Learn more about how our team at Rudy’s can help eliminate the bats and birds terrorizing your home or business.

Bat Removal


Having a bat in your home can be a frightening and confusing situation. They often look for a secure place to hibernate during winter. If you see a bat or multiple bats in your home, we can help. Learn more about bat removal here.


Bird Removal

Bird's Nest

Birds have learned to survive in most environments. If you are beginning to notice more and more nests around your home, or irritating sounds in the attic or in walls, act quickly. Learn more about our bird removal services here.