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Season after season, your home will be vulnerable to many different infestations of pests. From ants to spiders to birds to roaches, your home will be exposed to all of these species throughout the year. We have developed a maintenance program that will ensure that these pests are carefully controlled so they will not return. Our maintenance plan is a continual pest control service plan that is cost effective and results oriented.

Cost Effective Ongoing Maintenance

Our team at Rudy’s cannot stress enough how important ongoing maintenance is. Because of our drastic climate changes in Coachella Valley, pest infestations are unpredictable. We have been aiding homes and businesses in the valley for over 20 years. We have the experience and knowledge of the area to help residents fight infestations on their properties. We use the highest quality materials and tools available to keep our control efforts at the best level.

Our Maintenance Program

At Rudy’s, we have created a contractual plan that will help you maintain unexpected infestations throughout the year. Our annual maintenance program can be customized to your schedule and needs. Our plan can be completely customized to your problem and your schedule. Choose from monthly, bi-monthly or seasonal services. We are here to work with you.

Our maintenance program includes the following services:

If your home or business is suffering from an infestation of rodents, bugs or termites, sign up for our maintenance plan today! We will send out a technician right away to ensure that your problem is taken care of right away. At Rudy’s, we care about your safety and the integrity of your space. We are a family owned and operated business that treats every space as if it was our own. For friendly and effective services, call Rudy’s.