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The infestation of rodents in your home can make living uncomfortable and unsafe. At Rudy’s Termite & Pest Removal, we know how important it is to get rodents our fast and keep them out for good. Our team of professionals is trained on the best and most effective methods to remove the rodents in your home or business. From rats to mice, we eliminate any pesky rodents. Take a look at our services to get a more indepth look at our rodent removal techniques and solutions.

Mice Removal


Mice are small rodents that can cause harm and stress to your home or business. We have innovative and effective mice removal services that will help exterminate the nuisances in your space. Learn more here!


Rat Removal


Rats can carry diseases, destroy possessions and take over buildings. We have over 27 years of experience, eliminating rats from homes and businesses in the Coachella Valley. Learn more here!