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Your business is your livelihood. Don’t let it suffer because of a bug or rodent problem. At Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control, we have commercial pest control services that tailor directly to the needs of business owners.

The reputation of your business is everything. We are here to protect your business with quality services backed by a team of professionals. Our team at Rudy’s has been exterminating pests since 1991. Our experience helps us locate species, entrance points and helps us come up with a solution quickly.

Our Commercial Pest Control Service Plans

At Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control, we have developed a signature service plan for business owners to help rid your business of pest for good. Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of bugs overnight. It takes proper maintenance and visits from our technicians to eliminate pests. Our Maintenance & Management Program is based around your needs. Our integrated approach to controlling pests in commercial spaces include:

1. Send in an Expert
We have heard your needs for assistance and will send out one of our experienced technicians promptly to begin drafting your Maintenance & Management Program.

2. Assess the Problem
Our expert will inspect your business inside and outside to determine the severity of the problem. We will determine:

  • Species
  • Entry Points
  • Severity of infestation

3. Provide Relief

Throughout the inspection, we will remedy vulnerable situations. We will patch holes and cracks that act as entry points, spray repellents and provide other solutions specific to your problem.

4. Create Maintenance & Management Program
We understand that your business has a lot of traffic. We have developed this proven plan to provide cost-effective and environmentally conscious solutions for your pest problems. We will work with you and your businesses busy schedule to set up monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly services to remedy the problem.

If you are ready to eliminate the pests inhabiting your business, give Rudy’s a call today. We will send out a technician promptly to get started on your Maintenance & Management Program.