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Signs of a Bat Infestation

Many residents of the Coachella Valley may be familiar with bats, but having them in your attic is not ideal. Some bats may carry rabies, and the accumulation of bat feces can also carry serious disease. While bats don’t attack people, those that are infected with rabies can be too sick to fly away if a person comes too close. For this reason it’s highly important that you or your family don’t go near a bat you might see on your property.


Bats hunt for insects at night in open fields and marshes. During the day, they roost in places like caves, tree hollows, bridges, and rock crevices. Bats can also roost in and around homes, in doorways, patios, attics, cracks in chimneys and walls, and under roofing and siding. 


The common signs of a bat infestation are: seeing a bat in your house, bat droppings, squeaking and high-pitched sounds, scratch marks on the walls, brown or black stains around holes, dead bats around your property, and foul odors in the attic.

Dealing with Bats

Some ways you can discourage bats from entering your property are:

  • Eliminate other pests such as mosquitoes and wasps
  • Move water sources such a bird baths away from your home
  • Remove other sources of standing water
  • Don’t leave potential sheltered areas, such as doorways and patios, in darkness at night

Finding one bat on your property could be a sign that there are more in hiding, so it’s important to call pest control experts to help.

Bats are a protected species in Southern California, and at Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control we’re effective Coachella Valley bat deterrent experts. We use humane and environmentally sound measures.

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