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Wild Pigeon and Dove Control

Pigeon and Dove Problems in Homes and Businesses

In the Coachella Valley, wild birds can be a nuisance for homes and businesses. Where birds roost, they can spread serious disease through their droppings and urine. Wild bird droppings and nests can also damage buildings, and nests can clog drains and gutters. Wild bird droppings can post a liability issue to businesses, due to health issues and potential for slip-and-fall accidents related to bird droppings. Birds also multiply quickly, and are difficult to get rid of on your own if the issue is left untreated.


In Southern California, the most common wild birds often found around homes and businesses are pigeons, doves, sparrows seagulls, and starlings. Most of us are likely familiar with pigeons and doves, which love to live near people and make nests in places like signs, gutters and rooftops. House sparrows are a common small brown bird that often nests in the same place every year, often near residences. Seagulls can live hundreds of miles from the sea, and often have no problem approaching people and pets, especially if food is involved. Starlings often nest and travel in large numbers, and their flocks can appear to be one large clump of birds moving together. 

Coachella Valley Bird Removal

To help prevent birds from roosting on your property, there are solutions on the market such as non-toxic bird gel, spikes, and netting. These solutions create an inhospitable environment for birds, and makes it difficult for them to land.

If you need help getting rid of pigeons and doves on your Coachella Valley property, call Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control today!

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