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Skunks are a Coachella Valley pest, digging holes in yards in search of worms and grubs to eat, and hiding under porches or decks. When threatened, they will attempt to scare off the threat by stamping their feet and hissing,  and spraying people and animals when they feel threatened.


Skunks typically prefer to make their homes in the habitats other burrowing pests leave behind, but will also make dens around our homes, such as under porches and decks and inside sheds. They also frequently shelter in these places in the spring, when it’s time to give birth. If a skunk does take up residence inside your home, they can cause damage to insulation, drywall, pipes, air ducts, vents, and underground sprinklers. 


If you find evidence of something digging up your yard and are concerned it may be a skunk den, you can try filling the hole with soil and returning in a couple of days to see if the hole has been dug out again. 


Approaching a skunk on your own is risky. Not only does their odor and digging make them unwelcome, but skunks can also carry rabies.

How to Deal With Skunks

Trying to remove a skunk from your property can be difficult and even dangerous, so let the pest control experts help. At Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control, we have experience in humane skunk removal in the Coachella Valley.

Call Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control for effective skunk control today.

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