Are There Rats in Your Home?

Desert Rats in the Coachella Valley

The real peace of mind doesn’t start after having a free rat inspection, it starts when you can trust the pest control professional doing such inspections and exploiting the best ways to get rid of these critters in your premises. Temperatures are at a continuous rise in the Coachella Valley, kick starting the season of pests.

What Kind of Rodents are there?

One example might be White-Footed mice, nesting somewhere in the middle of our desert. Other examples such as house rats commonly known as Norway rats and Roof rats can have sophisticated colonies in and around your home. Norway rats are brownish red that might be measuring between 12 to 18 inches in length and averaging a weight of 14 ounces.These blunt nose critters reach their full maturity in 60-90 days and have 6-7 generations in a year. They sneak into the garbage and can enter a house through sewage lines. A young entering your premises may continue to live for 18 months in your basement.

Roof rats are dark gray weighing between 6-8 ounces and can measure between 12-17 inches. They have pointy noses with slim bodies, and their maturity time and generation per year are similar to those of Norway rats. They are excellent climbers compared to Norway and common house rats. Their hiding places include ceilings,crevices in the wall, attic and constructions above the ceiling such as chimneys. Both live off grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds and certain insects. They are attracted to urban areas with rising temperatures which speed up their reproduction cycles, once settled,they spoil and contaminate every edible substance that comes into their way. Food contamination from these pests cause several human diseases and destroy about 20%of food they come across.

Residents may not see them but can hear their squeaking sound when quiet. They might also notice bulky droppings and chewed up wood where they might be residing.If a resident has found a sign of these critters, they should definitely call (760) 775-6877 for a free Rodent inspection at Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control service in Coachella Valley.

Our pest control professionals avoid killing rats but do suggest the best practices to resolve these issues on a long-term basis.

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