Cool Honey Bees Facts

Cool Honey Bees Facts

You’re either fascinated by these tiny insects or run away from them! They play a huge role in our ecosystem by pollinating our plants. One third of everything we consume comes from pollinators like honey bees! Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about these little guys. Enjoy!

Bees usually live in large colonies of 20k + that can live over a year long.

Worker bees have stingers that gives off a pheromone that attracts other bees that can be detected as far as a quarter mile away.

They can fly for up to 6 miles

The queen bee’s responsibility is to lay eggs and lays 1 egg in 45 seconds.

A worker bee can visit up to 2,000 flowers in just one day.

Acknowledge the fact that there are tons of different kinds of bees. Yeah! They can be scary! staying calm and NOT SWATTING is your best bet.

 They’re also vital to the environment and our planet.

We hope that you feel more informed than when you started reading this.
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