Four Rat Infestation Warning Signs!

4 rat warning signs! 

Home owners in the Coachella Valley most often deal with roof rat infestations on their property. As you may know rats can not only cause major damage to your home’s insulation and wiring but they also carry 70+ diseases. Here are 4 potential rat infestation warning signs. 

1. Eaten citrus: Citrus is a highly nutritious and a good food source for rats. If you see eaten citrus fruit it could be from rats or birds. 

2. Noises: If you have rats in the attic, you’ll start to hear rats scratch or squeaks around usually at night. 

3. Damages: Seeing physical damages to wiring, wood framing, and furniture is a red flag! Rats also like to utilize some of these for their nest.

4. Grease marks: Rats have crease and dirt on their bodies and it tends to leave grease marks on walls or small spaces.
What should you do if you notice any of these signs?

There is always the do it yourself option but in most cases that rarely solves the problem. The most effective strategy to take care of your rodent problem is to call in rodent control professionals at Rudy’s Termite and Pest Control. We have the most effective techniques that can take care of your rodent problem. You can count on us to take care of your rodent or pest problems! 

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