How Often Should Pest Control be Done?


When you buy a new home, you want to protect it right? One thing you’ll want to consider is pest control. By keeping annoying destructive pests out of your home, you can prevent major damage. Keeping pests away is just as important as getting rid of them when you have an infestation. A good practice is to have regularly scheduled treatments applied or to practice natural prevention tips. Here’s a guesstimate on how often you may need visits from a pest control company to keep bugs under control.

Factor In Your Current Infestation

When you call a pest control company for an initial visit, the first thing they do is inspect your home. They might find carpenter ants or roaches. If you already have bugs, you may need treatments closer together than you would if your home is bug-free and you’re getting treatments for prevention only.

Think About How Often You Want Inspections

An experienced and reliable exterminator should apply pesticides and also checks for signs of infestations. Including those from specialty insects like termites and bed bugs since they might not respond to the pesticides used for killing roaches, spiders, and ants. If termites or bed bugs are rampant in your area, then frequent monitoring will help you end an infestation before it gets out of hand or even starts.

After considering these factors, your pest control company will recommend a treatment schedule that best fits your needs. Common schedules for example are every 2-3 months throughout the year. Less often than that could make your treatment protocol less effective since bugs have a chance to multiply between visits. Our technicians at Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control make it their number one priority to ensure that your pest problems get taken care of.

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