Olives on a tree with a red "no" symbol over it.

Olive Prevention

Do you have Olive Trees that fruit? Well, this is the time of year that Olive Fruit Prevention is performed. There is a narrow window of
opportunity that runs from January through the first or second week in March. Any applications made after the second week in March will
greatly reduce the control of olives.

Application of a growth regulator (Maintain CF125) to stop the growth of fruit (olives) is applied from the pre-bloom stage up to the early-bloom stage. Once the fruit sets, which is usually sometime in March, then it is generally too late for optimum control.

Olive trees can create a quite a mess in the landscape, with the olives dropping everywhere, causing stains on hardscapes and necessitating extra labor to clean the landscape of the dropped fruit. Pruning prior to the control application can assist in the control effort.


How effective is the service?

Very effective! If applied in the time frame we can expect 95-100% control with one application.

What happens if the window of opportunity is missed?

You will still get control, however with each passing week control decreases.

How much does the service cost?

The average tree at 10-15 feet in height costs $85.00 per tree.

Do you have discounts for multiple trees?

Yes, a 10% discount will be offered for 6 trees or more or anyone that is a Rudy’s customer.

Appointments are filling up quickly. Call and get an appointment today!

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