5 Essential Tips to Protect Your Home from Pests While You’re Away

As the temperatures rise in the Coachella Valley, many residents choose to escape the desert heat by heading out of town for the spring and summer months. While you’re away, it’s essential to take steps to ensure that your home remains protected from pests. Here are five key tips to help you prepare your home and prevent pest infestations while you’re gone:

  1. Seal Entry Points:
    Inspect your home thoroughly for any cracks, gaps, or openings where pests could enter. Common entry points include gaps around windows and doors, as well as holes in walls or foundations. Seal these openings with caulk or weather stripping to prevent pests from gaining access to your home.
  2. Remove Food Sources:
    Pests are attracted to food, so it’s crucial to remove any potential food sources from your home before you leave. Clean your kitchen and pantry areas thoroughly, and store food in airtight containers to prevent pests from getting into it. Be sure to dispose of any open or expired food items before you go.
  3. De-clutter and Organize:
    Pests thrive in cluttered environments, so take the time to de-clutter your home before you leave. Remove any unnecessary items and keep storage areas tidy to reduce hiding spots for pests. By minimizing clutter, you’ll make your home less attractive to pests while you’re away.
  4. Properly Dispose of Garbage:
    Make sure all garbage bins in and around your home are tightly sealed before you leave. Dispose of any organic waste, such as food scraps, to prevent attracting pests like rodents and insects. Keeping your garbage bins tightly sealed will help deter pests from rummaging through your trash while you’re gone.
  5. Arrange for Regular Inspections:
    Before you leave, schedule a pest control inspection with a professional pest control service. A trained technician can identify any potential pest issues in your home and recommend treatment options to address them. Additionally, consider arranging for regular pest control treatments while you’re away to ensure ongoing protection for your home.

By following these simple tips, you can help minimize the risk of pest infestations while you’re away from home. With a little preparation and proactive pest prevention measures, you can enjoy your time away with peace of mind, knowing that your home is protected from unwanted intruders. Safe travels!

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