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Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control is proud to have served our Coachella Valley neighbors for over 30 years. Since 1991 we’ve helped residents in the Coachella Valley deal with the area’s most common pests such as termites, spiders, rodents, bees, ants, bed bugs, and cockroaches.


Finding signs of pests in your home can be very troubling, as many people often believe that their own cleanliness standards may have caused the issue. However, we know that most household pests are creatures of opportunity, and have little to do with your housekeeping. Our pest treatment experts will clear your problem away quickly, while respecting your space. We’ll also give you insider tips on how to keep the problem from recurring. We also use environmentally-friendly products that are low in odor and chemicals.

Residential Pest Control in the Coachella Valley

Your home is your castle, and you should never be uncomfortable there. At Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control, we take your safety and comfort very seriously. We’re efficient and caring, and we take care to keep you and your family safe and healthy while we work.

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Complete Pest Control Services


Ant Removal

Bed Bug Removal


Bee & Wasp Removal


Beetle Removal

Black Carpet Beetles


Cockroach Removal


Cricket Removal


Flea Removal


Tick Removal


Fly Removal


Flying Insect Removal


Mite Removal


Spider Removal


Scorpion Removal


Weevil Removal


Rodent Control


Rat Control


Mouse Control

Bird Control

Gopher Control


Bat Deterrent

Snake Control


Skunk Control

Squirrel Removal

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We offer effective pest control to Coachella Valley homes, HOAs, offices, commercial buildings, sports facilities, restaurants, realtors, hospitals and healthcare facilities, hotels and motels, churches and places of worship, and government facilities. Our affordable pest control services are tailored to your specific situation. Contact Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control today for outstanding pest control, termite control, rodent and animal control, and plant care in the Coachella Valley.

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"Rudy's has been servicing my former and current residence. They have also provided termite inspection reports when needed. Can't go wrong when choosing them, they are true professionals."
Dennis Sadorra