Bed Bug Bites


With the number of bed bug reports on the rise since the year 2000, it is perfectly
expected that these critters could make their way into your home and they definitely do
bite, as your blood is their preferred food source. Here are a few of those questions and
the answers you will want to know.

Will you know it right away if a bed bug bites you?
One of the biggest issues with bed bug detection is the fact that you may not feel them
bite you. The mouth of a bed bug has saw-blade features that allows the bug to pierce
the skin with little effort. The saliva of a bed bug contains both anticoagulants and
something similar to painkillers so in other words you won't always feel the bite.

Can bed bugs transmit diseases from one person to another?

These bugs are not known to carry or transmit diseases through their bite. The bite itself
will cause you to itch and some people may be more adversely affected by the itching
than others. In severe infestations, the excessive amount of bites may leave you prone
to skin infections.

What do bed bug bites look like?
The bites that a bed bug gives you are often only indicated by an itchy, red area. Some
people who have been bitten will not know that they have been bitten for a while after
the bite occurs.
While you lie in bed at night contemplating bed bugs, keep this useful information in
mind to help you get some rest. Hope reading this doesn’t make you feel itchy already!

If you think you have a bed bug issue, it is always best to contact a pest control
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