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Coachella Valley Spiders

3 Things you didn’t know About House Spiders in the California Desert

Spiders are scary creepers with eight legs that belong to a similar class (Arachnids) as the scorpions. The class is composed of: spiders, ticks, mites, scorpions and all other Arachnids. They have powerful fangs that are used to inject venom into the body of their prey. They consist of 120 families while more than 48000 species exist worldwide. Spiders can find their way through crevices in doors and windows, ventilators, and drain openings by wall climbing, especially if all openings are found shut. Several other areas they may prance into an entrance inside any house may be through portables, plants and furniture.

The moist, dark, and shady places are favorite sites inside any home or common area. The basic indication of their presence is the multi threaded cobweb made from the protein silk using spinnerets. Often, spiders are not poisonous but their stings can be painful and most likely part of the desert species. An exterminator would better know the pest control options and diagnosing the types that may be harmful to you.

(House Spiders) 3 things you didn’t know:

  • Did you know that Spiders produce 3 types of silk thread? i.e. one for safety, the other for trapping, and third for wrapping their prey.
  • Did you know that female spiders eat up a majority of males before, after, or during mating?
  • Did you know that spiders can eat their web to regain some energy used from spinning the silk thread?

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3 Interesting Facts About Spiders:

  1. The black widow spider and Brown Recluse types in Californian desert areas could be dangerous for the individuals with allergy symptoms or underlying medical illnesses.
  2. The smallest spiders may be around 0.35 mm long while the Tarantulas may have a wingspan of up to 10 inches.
  3. The female spider stands guard over her eggs until the young kings are up to three weeks old.

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