Do You Have a Bat Infestation?

Do you have a bat infestation?

It is important to know the signs of bats in your home or business because there are major problems associated with bats that may be of concern to you and your family. Bat infestations especially in attics, can be a health hazard, as well as a nuisance for homeowners or businesses. Below are some tips to help you.
● Bat sightings – Bats flying around your home at night. They are nocturnal creatures that sleep during the day, so you will never see them while the sun is actually out.● Bat droppings – Bat droppings are usually found on the side of your house, at the bottom of an entry point and have a really strong odor.● Scratching and high-pitched sounds – scratching on the walls or ceilings and noises at night. ● Brown or black smudges – Bats have oily fur that collects dust and dirt when they squeeze into the entry holes they leave smudges.
Bats carry tons of diseases not only can they get you sick from a scratch or bite but if you have a bat infestation that’s not taken care of properly, their feces can cause serious respiratory issues and can also attract other bugs that carry diseases. It is very important to contact a professional when you find a bat in your home. Rudy’s Termite and Pest Control employs effective methods in repelling, deterring and controlling bats from infesting your home or business. Call or text us right away at the first sign of an infestation, and start pest proofing your home or business today. 760-775-7216

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