Introducing Rudy’s Revamped Service Suite: Your All-in-one Pest Protection Company

As the summer heat intensifies, so does our commitment to providing top-notch pest control services tailored to your needs. We are excited to introduce our revamped service suite, designed to offer comprehensive, flexible, and effective solutions for every pest problem. Our summer lineup includes a variety of options with flexible add-ons, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your home or business.

Rudy’s Pest Control Plans

Traditional Monthly Service

Our Traditional Monthly Service is a staple for many of our customers. This reliable and consistent service ensures your property remains pest-protected all year round. Our expert technicians visit monthly, thoroughly inspecting and treating your home or business to prevent and control any pest issues. With this service, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is under constant protection freeing you of major concerns.

Flex 80/90 Plan

Looking for a more flexible option? Our Flex 80/90 Plan has quickly become a favorite among Rudy’s clients. This innovative service offers five scheduled visits per year, on average about every 80-days. Respectful of your time and strategically timed to provide optimal pest control while minimizing disruption to your daily life – the Flex 80/90 Plan is perfect for those who prefer fewer visits but still want effective and reliable pest management.

One-time Service

Sometimes, a one-off treatment is all you need to tackle a specific pest issue. Our One-time Service is ideal for sudden infestations or particular pest problems that require immediate attention. Our skilled technicians will address the issue with precision, providing you with swift and effective results. 24/7 support and emergency service is available!

Bi-monthly or Quarterly Service

In certain special situations, bi-monthly or even quarterly service might be your best option. These services are perfect for sparse maintenance where no major pest concerns exist. 

Add-ons Available

Enhance your pest control experience with our range of add-on services. Whether you need extra one-off or ongoing protection or specialized treatments, we offer various options to customize your plan. These add-ons ensure that every aspect of your pest control needs is covered, giving you comprehensive peace of mind.

Special Services

Rodent Control

Rodents can cause significant damage and health risks if not addressed promptly. Our Rodent Control service includes thorough inspections, sealing entry points, and deploying traps and bait stations. Our proactive approach ensures that rodents are effectively eliminated and prevented from returning.

Bird Control

Birds can be a nuisance, causing damage and leaving disease-carrying droppings around your property. Our Bird Control solutions include humane exclusion methods such as netting and spikes, preventing birds from nesting and roosting. We tailor our approach to ensure the safety of both your property and the birds.

Bee Control

Bees play an essential role in our ecosystem, but they can also pose a threat when they nest too close to human activity. Our Bee Control service involves safe and effective removal of bee colonies, relocating them when possible to protect these important pollinators. We also seal entry points to prevent future infestations.

Snake Control

Whether you need ongoing measures to help keep snakes off your property, or there is a real live snake crashing your party right now, our experts can help with snake treatments and removal.

Termite Services

Termite Control & Repairs

Termites can cause extensive damage to your property if not addressed promptly. Our Termite Control service involves comprehensive inspections, advanced treatment methods, and preventative measures to protect your home or business. We use the latest technology to detect and eliminate termite colonies, ensuring long-term protection and peace of mind. Our in-house repair crew means we’ve got your termite issue covered from end-to-end.

Yard Services


Our GreenRate yard inspection service focuses on your yard’s health. This service includes inspections for plant pests, plant nutrition, plant diseases, and water issues. Our goal is to help you maintain a vibrant and healthy outdoor space, free from the stress of pest problems and other yard health issues. Protect your property value and get your first GreenRate free!

Rudy’s revamped service suite offers a comprehensive range of pest control solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you choose our Traditional Monthly Service, the flexible Flex 80/90 Plan, or any of our specialized services, you can trust Rudy’s to deliver top-quality results. Contact us today to learn more about our summer lineup and find the perfect pest control plan for your home or business.

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