What Is Citrus Gummosis?

This disease is also known as gumming diseases of citrus, and it can really gum up (pun totally intended) the health and beauty of the plants in your yard. It is caused by a fungus. Infection may occur from soil or nursery plants due to extended periods of moist and wet conditions. This disease is commonly seen in mandarin, sweet orange, lemons and other citrus fruits. Gummosis is one of the main diseases that contribute to citrus decline. Placeholder image

Citrus gummosis attacks root systems, trunks, fruit and ultimately, entire trees. Unfortunately, citrus foot rot isn’t curable but you are able to prevent it from happening by following our tips and getting a Greenrate plant health inspection today. 

Treating & Preventing  Gummosis in your Trees

  • Treat for rodents and insects, so they won’t create wounds in your tree. 
  • Remove any areas that look infected. Make sure to sterilize your tools with Lysol wipes or 10% bleach between cuts. 
  • Call a professional at Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control  for a GreenRate plant health inspection and get to the root of any problems. If you believe that you see this problem in your yard, make sure you call, or even better yet book an inspection today.

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