When Buying a Home

What you might not be thinking about

What you might not be thinking about when you are buying or
selling a home is getting a termite inspection . Termite damagecan undermine the structural integrity of your home, and that
damage won’t be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. There
are a few things you should look out for that could attract
termites or indicate that termites may already be present.Termites travel through mud tubes to keep them protected
from outside factors. Look for these mud tubes around
baseboards as well as windows.
● In addition to mud tubes, if you see a lot of wings lying
around, this is another sign of an infestation.
● One last quick tip is to look for exterior wood damage or
bubbling paint.
● Worker termites, they look like tiny white maggots.
If you are a buyer, make sure you look out for these issues in any
property you are considering. Finding these infestations early can
help you fight off the problem before it becomes a big issue
however sometimes the warning signs of a termite infestation
aren’t always so obvious. Our experienced termite
prevention specialists know how to find termites in any home, no
matter how deeply they may be hidden. We will get to the bottom of an infestation if there is one, and we have the solutions to keep your home pest free.
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