Winter Pests

Mosquitos, spiders, flies, and other insects are pests you normally think of as summer nuisances
in the Coachella Valley. The reason is simple — insects are cold-blooded and tend to be more
active in the summer months. However, some home insects are just as troublesome when
temperatures drop. There are bugs that bite during winter you should watch out for and control

Here are a few common home insects in the winter. Many on the winter bug list are pests
year-round but may increase their numbers around the house in the colder months as they seek
shelter from the harsh, outdoor conditions. Look out for the following winter insects:

  1. Ants
    Ants can enter your home through tiny holes or cracks, or arrive on outdoor items, such
    as plants or flowers. They’re colonizers — if you see one, there are likely more around.
    Ants are in search of food. If they’re in your home, they will make their way towards your
    kitchen or a food source.
  2. Beetles
    Beetles in winter are more common than you think. They’re in search of warmth from
    the cold. You’ll find beetles in winter hiding in the warmest areas of your home, such as
    near a water heater or the clothes dryer. They don’t cause much harm but could
    multiply, infesting your house.

3. Spiders
Spiders are year-round pests, but you may notice more of the winter bug when it’s cold. They’re
in search of a warm and dark place where they can safely hide, such as basements, boxes, or rarely-used corners.

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