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Signs of a Mouse Infestation

The most common types of mouse in the Coachella Valley are the house mouse and the deer mouse. Both species have large ears and a very long tail. They’re both grey or brown in color, but house mice have lighter-colored undersides and pinkish-colored feet, while deer mice have white bellies, feet, and tail bottoms.


Both species of mice like habitats where they can feel well-protected, such as dense vegetation, underbrush, farmland, sheds, attics, and basements. Mice living in urban areas like to be near people, and the food sources we provide. Mice will eat almost anything, from fruit and vegetables to seeds to insects. They can also chew through paper, drywall, insulation, wood, electrical wires, and other household materials.


Mice are small, reproduce quickly, and carry many serious diseases such as hantavirus. If you see mouse droppings (approximately the size of a grain of rice), smell the musty odor of mouse urine, or hear scratching in the walls, you may have a mouse infestation.


Mice are good climbers, so they can easily enter your home or business through cracks in walls and around windows. They can nest in your attic or crawlspace, and even in large electrical appliances. They’re drawn to sources of food, water, and shelter.

Coachella Valley Mouse Removal

To help prevent mice from entering your property, remove hiding places such as yard debris or long grass. Avoid overwatering and pick up any fallen fruit from trees. Ensure firewood is stored away from your property.


A mouse infestation is a serious issue, but DIY mousetraps don’t fix the problem long-term. It’s important to rely on experts who can deal with a mouse infestation for good. At Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control, we can quickly and effectively treat mice infestations in your Coachella Valley home or business.

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