Understanding Beetles in the Coachella Valley

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Beetles make up approximately 40% of all insect species, so it may come as no surprise that the Coachella Valley is home to many beetle varieties. Some are drawn to vegetation, some to wood, and others to grains, packaged food, and fabric – all of which they can damage. Their population increases in the summer, but they can overwinter in homes and packaging too. They can enter your home through gaps in doors and windows.

It’s important to call a beetle control expert in the Coachella Valley as soon as you know you have an infestation.

Physical description

While each variety of beetle looks different, you can identify a beetle by its shell-like front wings that fold to cover delicate back wings. Because these wings serve a protective function more than anything, most species of beetle are not very good at flying compared to other insects. Beetles also have six legs.

Some common beetles found in the Coachella Valley include the carpet beetle, click beetle, weevil, lady bug, and June bug.


Beetles often live in or around vegetation, since they eat both the plants and other insects that appear nearby. Some also live in deserts and fresh water. Many beetle species can swell to large numbers in the warmer months and can venture indoors in search of food.

Life cycle

Depending on the species, beetles can lay up to hundreds of eggs at one time. These eggs are white or yellow in color, and can be laid in rotting wood and leaves, even in animal feces. Some beetle species give birth to live larvae.

Beetle larvae look like tiny grubs or worms. Some beetle species, particularly ones that feed on wood, pose the greatest risk in the larval stage. Beetle larvae shed their exoskeleton approximately 10 times. Once in the pupal stage, beetles will create a cocoon and emerge as fully-formed adults some time later. This amount of time depends on the beetle species and can last from a month to three years.

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Interaction with humans

Beetles are rarely harmful to humans. However, carpet beetle larvae have hairs on their bodies that can severely irritate our skin. For this reason, they’re often confused with bed bugs.

Potential dangers or risks

If a beetle infestation is left untreated, it can cause damage to your home and property. Beetles can feed on the plants in your garden, while others can feed on clothing, and wooden walls, floors, decorations, and furniture. Because some beetles can travel through your kitchen in search of food, they can contaminate food and pose a health hazard on the surfaces of your home.

Dealing with a beetle infestation depends on the type of beetle that’s causing the issue, so it’s important to call a Coachella Valley exterminator right away.