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Bees and wasps can enter a home in through its siding and settle in electrical boxes, attics, crawl spaces, chimney vents, and other small spaces. They can also build nests in or around a tree. Bee or wasp stings can be life-threatening, so it’s important to call a Coachella Valley exterminator right away.


What’s the difference between a bee and a wasp? With the exception of the Africanized species, honey bees rarely sting people, and only do so if provoked. However, wasps can be aggressive and territorial about their nests, and can sting multiple times. Bees are typically hairy, with bodies that are either entirely black, or black or brown with orange and yellow stripes. Wasps are brightly colored, and usually have smooth and shiny skin and a “pinched” waist. 


In Southern California, we see four common bee types: the bumblebee, the carpenter bee, the European honey bee, and the Africanized honey bee. The two types of honey bees look very similar to one another, but bumblebees are the one most people think of when they picture a bee: with a striped body. Carpenter bees look similar to bumblebees, but they have a shiny abdomen.


How can you tell if you have a bee or wasp infestation? If you see bee hives or wasps’ nests in the corners of your home or garage, or see swarms congregating near your roof, keep family and pets away from the area. In particular, Africanized honey bees can be aggressive if they feel threatened, or hear loud noises.

Coachella Valley Bee and Wasp Removal

Have you seen bees or wasps in our around your Coachella Valley home? A professional pest control company can evaluate the situation and determine whether the bees or wasps are far enough to leave alone, or whether the nest should be removed. They can also remove old honeycombs to ensure no damage is done to your home, and that no eggs are left behind.


The experts at Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control are licensed Coachella Valley bee and wasp exterminators. We want to preserve bees and the important work they do for our ecosystem, so we’ll relocate them humanely. Contact us today for quick and safe bee and wasp removal.

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