Understanding Mites in the Coachella Valley

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Mites can be found almost anywhere in your home, including in newspapers, bedding, stored food, carpets and rugs, air vents, dust, dirty laundry, and furniture. They can impact your health through things like allergic reactions and scabies.

Because mites are usually impossible to see normally, it can be hard to tell if you have a mite infestation in your home. One thing you can look out for is a silk-like web around plants. You may also be able to catch mites in the act as they move around a surface.

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Physical description

Mites are very tiny arachnids. While some mites can be seen by the naked eye, most are too small. Thousands of mite species exist, and most are less than 1mm in length. Mites have four jointed pairs of legs, with the front pair longer than the rest and resembling antennae. Their bodies consist of a combined head and thorax section, and an abdomen. Mites are typically red or brown in color. All mites are wingless.


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Mites can live in many locations depending on their species. Some mite habitats include furniture, mattresses, window frames, cracks in your home’s foundation, loose bark, fence posts, bird’s nests, birds, rats, and mice. They like to live near their food source. For example, because dust mites feed on human and animal dander, they prefer to live where we live.

Life cycle

The exact life cycle of a mite depends on the type of mite it is, but it generally follows a pattern of egg, larva, nymph, and adult. A mite typically reaches adulthood in one to four weeks.

The length of a mite’s life also depends on its species. For example: scabies mites can live for 1-2 months on a person, dust mites can live for up to 90 days, and clover mites can live for two weeks to one month.

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Interaction with humans

Some mites eat plant material, while others are parasitic and feed on humans and animals. Though most mites are too small to be seen with the naked eye, they can pose many risks for humans and pets. Mites can transmit scabies, an intense and itchy skin infestation. The skin and feces of dust mites can cause multiple allergic reactions.

Two common types of mites found in Southern California are tropical rat mites and northern fowl mites, both of which can bite humans and lead to infection.

Potential dangers or risks

Mites can cause damage to your home and garden through feeding and laying eggs. More importantly, mites can transmit disease to humans and pets. It’s important to deal with a mite infestation immediately. If you suspect you might have a mite infection, call Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control today for effective treatment of mites in your home or business.