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What kind of ant is in your home? Here’s how to identify the most common ants found in the Coachella Valley area:


Argentine Ant Identification:
One of the most common ants found inside homes, Argentine ants are dark brown or black and about 1/8 – 3/16 of an inch long. Because of their small size, it’s very easy for Argentine ants to aggressively enter houses. They’re attracted to moisture or sweet food. In the summer, Argentine ants can be found under carpets and in attic insulation, walls, and potted plants.


Carpenter Ant Identification:
Carpenter ants are about half an inch long or more. Carpenter ants burrow in wood to build a nest. Signs of a carpenter ant infestation are a small opening in wood with a tiny pile of sawdust beneath, or hearing a slight rustling inside your walls.


Thief Ant Identification:
Thief ants are about 1/16 of an inch long, and are a brownish-yellow color. Thief ants are attracted to greasy food, meat, and cheese, and can get into food packaging.


Red Imported Fire Ant Identification:
Red imported fire ants range from 1/8th – 3/8 of an inch and are very reddish in color. They have an aggressive and dangerous sting, and make their nests in large mounts of earth. Fire ants are attracted to well-watered areas.


Pavement Ant Identification:
Pavement ants are about 1/8 of inch long. They’re usually found in pavement cracks but can also infest hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, and apartment buildings. Pavement ants can also travel through electrical wires and plumbing.

Coachella Valley Ant Treatment

Do you think you have an ant infestation in your home or workplace? Here are some tips for dealing with an ant infestation:


  • Ensure ants don’t have a tempting food source – wipe up crumbs and pack food away in sealed containers.
  • Stop ants from getting in by sealing cracks in walls and floors and around windows, and keeping plants and bushes well away from windows and exterior walls.
  • Because some ant species like well-watered areas, avoid overwatering your lawn.
  • Avoid using strong chemical products to fight ant infestations, as they can make conditions worse.


Ant infestations can spread quickly, but our Coachella Valley ant control experts can help. Contact us today and let us treat ant infestations for good.

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