Understanding Weevils in the Coachella Valley

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Weevils are a type of very small beetle that are attracted to dry food and often found in kitchens. As they may cause food to be spoiled, it’s important to call a weevil control expert in the Coachella Valley as soon as you know you have an infestation.

Physical description

There are over 1,000 weevil species in North America. Most weevils are about 1/16 of an inch long, oval-shaped, and brown or black-colored. An adult weevil has a long head with a snout, and a mouth at the end of the snout.


Because weevils usually get into your home inside packaged or bulk food, they can show up when you least expect them. Groups of weevils can be seen on windowsills, but weevils in food are the most common. If you see little flying insects flying around and crawling out of food packages, the infestation has begun.

Because females lay eggs inside stored food, throw out other packaged food – you will most likely have weevil eggs present there that you can’t see. The presence of weevil eggs also encourages the growth of mold and fungus. The risk of illness is high if you consume food that is infested with weevils.

Some of the most common food items that weevils can be found in are flour, pasta, cereal, spices, powdered mixes, dry dog food, bread, seeds, crackers, and chocolate. Some weevils can also show up in medication.

Life cycle

The life cycle of a weevil depends on its species. Some weevil species lay eggs in the spring near plants. Then, the hatched weevil larvae burrow into the soil and feed on the plants’ roots over the winter. Adult weevils that emerge the next spring may also enter homes, where they’re attracted to warmth or light.

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Interaction with humans

Because weevil eggs are very hard to see, it can be easy to bring them home in packaged or bulk food without realizing it. Some of the more common places weevils are found in kitchens are in grains and starches like pasta and cereal. Some weevils also enter homes via outdoor plants, getting in through cracks in walls and windows. A weevil infestation in your food contaminates it.

Potential dangers or risks

Weevils can cause damage to plants both outdoors and indoors. They can also cause food to become contaminated and spoiled.

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