Bed Bug Checklist

Preparing for your bed bug treatment

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Please note: Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control will not provide treatment to any unit or property that has not met the preparations that follow.

Please do the following:

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You are responsible for the following, but Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control may perform these tasks for an additional fee:

Post treatment instructions:

After the bed bug treatment is completed, do NOT remove any items from the infested rooms. This will help prevent the transfer of bed bugs to other areas within your property.

  1. Do NOT enter treated room(s) before the specified re-entry time.

  2. Upon arrival at property, ventilate treated area(s) by opening doors and windows for at least thirty (30) minutes to exchange inside air with outside air BEFORE re-occupying the structure. Fans will help speed ventilation.

  3. Keep adults, children, and pets from touching or stepping on treated area(s) until surfaces are completely dried. Thoroughly wash hands and any items that accidentally come into contact with wet surfaces immediately.

    1. Perform the following for ALL infested items, especially those enclosed in plastic bags and placed in the center of the room:

    2. WASH infested clothing, bedding and all washable items in hot water and dry at the highest temperature setting. Place items that cannot be washed such as plush toys, backpacks, etc., in the dryer at the highest temperature setting for 10 minutes.

    3. Place other items such as drapes, curtains, upholstery and clothing that cannot be washed or dried in your regular laundry dryer into plastic bags for drop-off at a professional dry-cleaner. Include warning signs with each bag indicating possible bed bug infestation so the dry cleaner may take the necessary precautions.

    4. Discard any items infested with bed bugs that cannot be washed, placed in your dryer at the highest temperature setting or professionally dry cleaned. Your bed bug specialist will discuss possible options with you for heat or fumigation treatments for special items.

  4. Discard or enclose infested mattresses and box springs using the special bed bug mattress encasements.

  5. Do NOT bring inside your property any used furniture, used mattresses or box springs, bedding, luggage, or other personal property or belongings that may be infested with bed bugs.

  6. Attempt to determine how your rooms, units, home or building were infested and avoid the same factors that caused the infestation in order to eliminate or minimize the possibility of future bed bug infestations (i.e., second hand furniture, someone brought them in with their personal belongings, brought in an infested mattress, box spring or bedding).

NOTE: During our treatment, coverings will be removed from the bottom of box springs, sofa, couches, recliners and other furniture in infected areas to enable proper access for treatment and will not be replaced by Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control.

Failure to perform required post-treatment instructions for the treatment type you have chosen will automatically void any applicable guarantee.

Agreement Disclosures

  • Initial treatment will knock down most of the bed bug population, with more dying in the following days.
  • 10-day follow up will have a baiting & dusting treatment done, killing any lingering pests.
  • Pre-Bed Bug Service Checklist must be completed prior to the service appointment.
  • If the Pre-Bed Bug Service Checklist is not completed by the time the tech arrives, the appointment will be canceled and rescheduled, a trip charge of $79.99 will be applied to the customer account, and the trip charge must be paid prior to rescheduling.