4 Tips for Preventing Termites

Tips for Preventing Termites

Termite colonies are often made up of thousands, sometimes even millions, of termites that are
constantly on the hunt for an adequate source of food. Termites are attracted to cool, moist
environments and mainly consume dead trees, dead plants, structural timbers, hardwood floors,
and more. This makes the structure of your home a very inviting treat. Luckily, there are things
you can do to keep termites out of your home and protect your property.

Ways to prepare your home for termite season:
1. Trim your trees: Overgrown trees that extend over your home make the perfect
pathway for termites. Tree branches should be trimmed five feet away from your home.
2. Repair cracks: Termites are tiny insects, which means even the smallest crack or
crevice is big enough for them to make their way into your home. Walk around the
foundation of your home and seal these cracks, holes, gaps, or crevices with some caulk
to keep the critters out.
3. Keep water away from your foundation: An excess of moisture around the foundation
of your home can create a very inviting environment for termites. Properly maintained
gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks are the key to keeping water away from your
4. Schedule professional pest control: Professional pest control experts can pre-treat
your home for termites and conduct routine inspections of your home to ensure it is fully

As a local, family-operated company, we are passionate about delivering the top-quality
customer care you need and deserve. We understand that a termite infestation is the last thing
you want to deal with, which is why we will do everything we can to keep them away.

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