What Three Pests are Dangerous to My Dogs?


Dogs help people so much! They take on some roles such as
guard dogs, hunting dogs, guide dogs for people that are blind, K9
police dogs, an emotional support animal, or family. They deserve
to be taken care of. I’ll be splitting this blog up into two parts. In
this blog post we will briefly go through the dangers of some
pests that can make your dog’s life really difficult.


As you may know mosquitoes breed in water. They also are able
to carry diseases, meaning you have to worry about infective
larvae mosquitoes. These larvae can swim from the bite wound
through the dog’s body until they reach their heart or their lungs.
Which can put your dog at risk. You can check with your nearest
vet and ask what can you do to prevent the infective larvae from
affecting your dog.


These guys got their name because they live where people sleep,
beds or couches. They live off of blood and are active at night. It’s
possible that you will get bitten while you are sleeping. Bed bugs
can also bite your dog and cause bad skin issues. You most
definitely will need to hire a reliable pest control company if your
bed bug problem gets out of control.


Ticks are blood-sucking parasites of mammals and birds, they are
usually waiting on grass, trees, or bushes to jump on passing
humans or animals. Many people don’t even feel the bite. Ticks
can be a serious problem. They can carry diseases like Lyme
disease that causes joint swelling, rashes, and sometimes
neurological disorders. If you are located in The Coachella Valley,
Rudy’s Termite and Pest Control is always ready to help you out
with your pest control.
Conclusion ?
Our business has been built on awesome referrals from our
satisfied customers who know that we provide honest and
reliable pest control. Call us today at 760-775-7216

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