Are There Bedbugs in Your Hotel Room?

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Expect the unexpected

After a long drive and many hours on the road, arriving to your hotel taking time to relax and sleep might be what’s most on your mind, but is that all you should be thinking about? Unfortunately, No. There are tiny bloodsuckers we call bed bugs that will make what’s supposed to be a nice, relaxing stay into the most unpleasant, bothersome nightmare.

How do they Transfer?

These little creatures can easily lay 5 eggs a day and cause an infestation. Bed bugs were reportedly found in over 68% hotels in the US even with 97% of all pest professionals treating this problem. During large events and gathering sit is very possible that people can bring bed bugs from out of town on their luggage and bags. Coachella Fest for example, Many guests staying at the hotels in Palm Springs & Palm Desert where introduced to bed bug bites the morning after their stay. As scary as this may seem, there are solutions and ways to find and avoid problems with bed bugs.

How do I avoid sleeping with Bed bugs?

To start things off let’s begin with luggage. When traveling with luggage and bags, it’s best to never bring it in the room unless completely necessary; then the best option is inside the bathtub. Next, a quick and easy way to check your room for bugs is with a flashlight. Look around the bed for any bugs, shells, or bug droppings they leave behind. Make sure to look through any seams and between the headboard and mattress. The same process should be done to any furniture in the room. Move on to any cabinets or drawers. just make sure not to put any items or clothes in them because this is one of the best ways for a bug to attach itself and makes it’s way with you all the way home. Finally when your stay is all complete take a quick look at any luggage you have to make sure it’s clean and ready to leave with you.

If you or anyone you know have accidentally brought bed bugs into your home or business, Call Rudy’s Termite & Pest Control at (760) 775-7216

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